We just wanted to remind everyone that our special rate on hotel rooms is set to expire tomorrow, February 10. We’ve been hearing chatter on Twitter and elsewhere that people would like a forum to find roommates for TCSE (given that whole price-of-the-hotel-rooms-going-up-on-10-February thing). Since we’ve added all the Campers to the site, you can now log in and begin posting content, including calls for roommates. If you’re new to WordPress, just look for “Posts” on the left-hand column, click “Add new,” write your post, and then click the big blue “publish” button on the right.

Of course, you don’t need to use the website for organizing roommates, but it’s there for you if you’d like–this is your THATCamp, after all. Twitter works too, of course; but don’t forget the #thatcamp hashtag!