Nate Kreuter

I'm an assistant professor of rhetoric and writing at Western Carolina University. I was a co-founder of the visual rhetoric blog Viz., Most of my work has focused on how the US intelligence community (the CIA and its "sister-agencies") engages/applies rhetoric in its epistemological practices. My work on the intelligence community began in my dissertation, and I am currently working on a manuscript based in that prior work. I also study issues of prose style, visual and digital rhetorics, pedagogy, and theory (broadly conceived). I'm also a beginning a new project that explores the Italian-American experience in rural communities. Most scholarship on Italian-Americans focuses on an urban experience, which was a very different set of experiences from those experienced by Italians who settled in rural areas, without a critical mass of fellow Italians to sustain their culture. More info on my work and teaching can be found at my website,

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