I would be interested to share experiences relating to subject guide development.  My questions include:

Do undergraduate/graduate students find these digital presentations useful? Faculty? How do they use these guides? At what stage(s) in their research is the guide helpful? Do people in local communities use subject guides provided by the local public library?

Maybe LibGuides / subject guides are as much a tool for the librarian as they are for the student, i.e. note-taking, a way of self-education around an academic discipline? I’ve heard that hard-copy reference materials are more for the benefit of the librarians than for the students — is this really true?! If so, maybe web-based subject guides have similar use.

In terms of reference, I would think it’s important to tailor information to one’s user base, but the subject guide exercise also feels somewhat like re-inventing the wheel. Surely other institutions have excellent guides that my students could make use of.

I’m aware that institutions have internal guides for their subject guides, i.e. best practices, uniformity of look-and-feel, usability, etc.

Has anyone effectively used analytics to facilitate development? i.e. which links do users click into,  how much time do users spend on a page, etc.