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I am struggling with the problem space around how best to provide digital images for teaching and research across a large campus and multiple disciplines.  How to get one’s head around issues of

  • usability (discover and presentation)
  • ingest/cataloging,
  • preservation, and
  • rights management

I love the cool “technology ecosystem” graphic that shows Omeka falling at a crossroads of Web Content Management, Collections Management, and Archival Digital Collections Systems, and would like to know more about how this might work with more academic focused products, like ARTstor SharedShelf or Luna Insight .

One a similar but different note, the draft ACRL/IRIG Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education says a visually literate student…

  • identifies a variety of image sources, materials, and types
  • conducts effective image searches
  • situates an image in its cultural, social, and historical contexts
  • evaluates the effectiveness and reliability of images as visual communications
  • uses technology effectively to work with images
  • produces images for a range of projects and scholarly uses
  • understands many of the ethical, legal, social, and economic issues surrounding images and visual media

Are we ourselves visually literate?  Are the DH tools and projects that we are creating promoting these skills in our users?

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