I wanted to thank everyone for their participating in the Introduction to Programming with Python and the follow-up session on Django during THATCamps’s BootCamp!

As mentioned during the session I am linking a few resources that can be helpful for aspiring Python Programmers as well as a few other resources referenced.  I hope everyone finds them useful.

Great Python Resources

Other Resources

  • Cool URI’s Don’t Change – Stable and persistent URIs are a vital part of creating durable scholarly works and the foundation of linked data.  Every digital scholar can benefit from reading this article.
  • O’Reilly on The Importance of Unit Testing – Always important to create a sustainable and extensible application, unit tests can be particularly vital in scholarly projects because of their long lifecycle.

Code From Sessions

Here are the hacky pages of code I was displaying during our session discussion.  I don’t see an ability to upload files here so I’m linking them as Google docs.